Hello, you made it.  I hope you find this a place to indulge, take the weight off your feet and enjoy a few minutes peace from the hustle and bustle of daily life to discuss all things cake.  So, grab a cuppa or a cheeky glass of something, and let’s dive right in to the world of luxury wedding cake design.

What makes a Christina May wedding cake?

I’m never not designing in my head, and every wedding cake I make needs to achieve three key things. First, it needs to look incredible.  My fiancé says I’m a perfectionist and it’s a badge I wear with honour.  I love nothing more than those finer details that set a cake apart and truly elevate it to a luxury wedding cake.  Handmade sugar flowers, gilded embellishments, hand painted designs… nothing is off limits. 

Second, as stunning as it looks, that means nothing if it doesn’t taste amazing – it’s the foundation of a great cake.  Coming from a family of great bakers, I understand that to achieve something truly special and mouth-watering only the finest and freshest ingredients will do.  Cakes are made to order; and according to your personal taste. Having a truly couture cake design service allows my couples to have as much fun with the taste of the cake as the design.  In a few weeks I will be opening up the cake vault and looking at some of the most memorable flavour choices – watch this space!

Lastly and in lots of ways most importantly, your wedding cake needs to reflect who you are and become an edible piece of your love story. This is often the trickiest thing to get right, but it’s something that’s absolutely fundamental to the way I work. As a luxury wedding cake designer my designs have always been driven by storytelling though meaningful cake designs. No couple or cake are the same. There are no right or wrong choices, only what is perfect for you.

What you’ll find on this blog…

On this blog series I will be posting behind the scenes snippets and showing you how my designs come together. Sharing advice and top tips to help you get the most out of your wedding cake consultations. Looking at the key questions that will make sure your cake is exactly right for you. Shining a spotlight on some other incredible wedding industry suppliers whose talent never fails to blow me away. Delicious stories and tidbits besides will be sure to ignite your imagination.

In the next post, you’ll discover how I incorporate storytelling into my luxury cake design, making sure that every design is meaningful as well as beautiful. Check back here regularly to make sure you don’t miss it. You can also follow me on Instagram  to stay up to date with all the Christina May news? 

Speak to you soon,

Love Susan x