You’ve set the date, booked the venue, and now for that spectacular and yummy cake!

Memorable and thoughtful design is the cornerstone of any Christina May Cake Design Wedding Cake. I love working with my clients to show them how you can bring in subtle and stylish elements to each design that hold real meaning to you both, making it an even bigger multisensory experience for you on the day. As always, a spectacular wedding cake is eaten with your eyes, mouths, and hearts.

To help break it all down for you, I’m going to share how one of my personal cakes came into being to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man – my Dad.

Sun, Sangria, and the Shade of a

Magnolia Tree

Any good design starts with a conversation, which sparks memories, lets ideas form, and a design begins to take shape.

As much as I love to design for my clients, I sometimes get to design and celebrate my family. I have a fantastic team of cheerleaders, Dad was one of my biggest, he would get such a kick with where my business is today. That’s why I’ve chosen to share a cake designed to celebrate my Dad through my cake art. The design brings back such treasured memories. It’s not something you will find in my main galleries, so I thought it deserved a space to be pored over and a great way I can illustrate how meaningful cake design can be so personal to you.

For several years my parents lived in Portugal, and I would visit with my eldest daughter. In the lush gardens of their home in Oporto, many a Sangria was enjoyed. When I think of my Dad from those lazy afternoons and balmy evenings, it brings a smile to my face like no other; that’s why I knew where my inspiration needed to lead me.

As tall as the man

With any design it’s useful to understand how many people you need to cater for.  Don’t worry, guest numbers don’t need to limit your design in any way, but it gives me a starting point to discuss possible size and shape options.  With so many options available now it’s very easy to mix and match cake and mock tiers to create that showstopper wedding cake.

My Dad was tall, so I knew I wanted something that would represent his presence.  He also liked cake, so I wanted to incorporate his three favourite flavours.   With that in mind I decided to go with a statuesque three-tier cake with a cheeky mock tier to give it extra height. 

Steeped in History

I’m not talking about my luxuriously boozy fruit cake (well not yet anyway), although it was one of my dad’s favourites. But in fact, Portugal’s beautiful Azulejo Tiles.  My dad loved them so much he commissioned a tile portrait to bring back to the UK.  Knowing how much Dad loved the tiles made it easy to decide that they had to make it into the overall design.  It is these types of elements that are so important in making a design meaningful to you.

Poets’ Inspiration

Magnolias are so beautiful and have inspired many a poet. My dad loved the colours and the smell. The magnolia trees in my Mom and Dad’s garden are utterly majestic. Second only to my passion for telling stories through my cakes is my love of creating sugar flowers. That’s why having never had the chance to do a magnolia flower before It felt only right that they made it into his final design

Couture Wedding Cake

Final tweaks

At this stage in our design journey we are narrowing down into two or three design options for refinement.  I am getting to understand you both better as a couple. I have a good grasp of your likes and dislikes when it comes to your overall design.

Having found those elements that stood out during the design ‘getting to know you’ phase I can now finally put pen to paper.  This was no different for my Dad’s cake.  Bringing all that we have spoken about to life in a sketch is powerful as well as exciting.  It makes it real and gives us time to tweak any of those finer details before the cake is made.

Saved the best till last

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cake. That’s why I have a couture service even on my cake flavours. I have a list that is there to inspire you. If you can’t find you favorite don’t worry. If I can create a bespoke recipe, I will bake it for you.

My Dad would have chosen the boozy and flirty Fruit Cake, a very indulgent Chocolate Cake and Whiskey and Salted Gingerbread cake. So that’s exactly what went into this cake celebrating his life.

It’s all about you

You should now be getting an understanding of how I design and work with my couples, and yes, it’s all about you. I would love to hear your story. If you are looking for a luxurious and meaningful edible piece of art why not get in touch.

Love Susan x