Haute Couture


Every wedding cake I design is one-of-a-kind. However, there are some cakes that are so intricate, so sculptural and conceived on such a grand scale that they deserve a class of their own. Welcome to the haute couture gallery! 

These mega-tiered marvels are for those couples who want their cake to make a real splash, forming a centrepiece that’s as dramatic as it is delicious.  I take on a maximum of five haute couture cake commissions every year, and prices start at £1500.

Those, however, are the only conditions. Let your imagination take flight, and you’ll be amazed at what we can create together. Let go of the traditional and lose your inhibitions. Icing as beautiful as an oil painting, cascades of sugar flowers, hypnotic textures, whispery details painted by hand, pearl-studded art deco opulence that would make Gatsby jealous, contemporary geometrics and feats of engineering in sponge and fondant… we can do all this and more.

Taking inspiration from your stories, travels, fables, fairytales and favourite things, I’ll design a showstopping shaped, sculpted and finessed wedding cake that wows your guests and steals your heart.

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Find about more about cake artist Susan Angell-Salter, and how her cakes were once inspired by carpentry…

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I love nothing more than to design without limitations, the gallery is a sample of our past designs to inspire and use as a springboard for your imagination.

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