Here you’ll find some of my recent and most favourite creations, from floral fantasies to intricate hand-piped designs, elegant buttercream confections  to bold splashes of colour. 

Collection One

Simply elegance

Sweeping clean lines and classical
romance is the heart of the collection →

Collection Two

Buttercream Dreams

Worthy of any season the delicious buttercream dreams collection is sure to tick the box →

Collection Three

Dessert Tables

For when one cake just isn’t enough,
go on spoil yourself you are worth it →

The Simply Elegance Collection

Burgundy Delight

This four-tier cake has impact and sophistication in spades. I love the contrast of the rich, deep red and the clean white. The sugar flowers are a delicate statement accent too – spot the glimmer of gold leaf at the centre of the white flower.

Dessert portions: 106.
Finger portions: 224.
Price: £575

Heavenly Henna

I love the intricacy of the base tier on this cake. The henna-inspired designs are hand piped, and the effect of the lustrous gold against the orange gives a stunning sunset hue to this cake. Perfect for intimate weddings or as part of a dessert table, this cake may be petite but it’s full of panache!

Dessert portions: 45
Finger portions: 110
Price: £350

Apple Blossom

Apple blossoms are some of my favourite flowers. I love the froth of them and the way they signal the coming of spring. These little blossoms work beautifully in sugar, and I’ve created a simple twig heart from their boughs. Simply elegant and utterly charming, this is one of my absolute favourites.

Dessert portions: 100
Finger portions: 180
Price: £550

Freesias and Fabric

The way the little sugar freesia blossoms cascade down this cake got me thinking of the rustle and flow of an evening gown. (My mind sometimes moves in mysterious ways, but I’ve learned to listen to my intuition). I created subtle waves of texture on the lower tiers to mimic a sumptuous fabric, and the overall effect is subtle but sophisticated.

Dessert portions: 250
Finger portions: 135
Price: £575

Floral Garden

The contrasts in this cake make me so happy. Sharp edges and clean lines in the top three tiers become exquisitely piped detail and an abundance of sugar wild flowers as we move down. It’s an all-edible meadow with a real wow-factor.

Dessert portions: 160
Finger portions: 300
Price: £795

The Buttercream Dreams Collection

Floral Buttercream

With this delicious buttercream coated little number, versatility is the name of the game. I like to keep things clean and simple, so that you can adorn it with the fruit and flowers that best fit your style.

Dessert portions: 98
Finger portions: 198
Price: £425

Autumn Buttercream

What could be more delightful than a stand piled high with deliciously moist sponges, coated in a sheer layer of buttercream and layered with the freshest fruits of the season? It’s rustic elegance at its best.

Dessert portions: 76
Finger portions: 140
Price: £425

Foliage Cascade

Fresh flowers and foliage can complement your cake so beautifully, and this Foliage Cascade – perfect for weddings with a botanical theme – really allows them both to shine. The tiers are tall, thin and elegant, with contemporary sharp edges, while the tendrils of greenery loop and twirl down the cake with lush abandon.

Dessert portions: 130
Finger portions: 250
Price: £475

Dessert Tables

Haute Couture Cakes

Looking for an absolute showstopper of a cake? An exquisitely sculptural edible centrepiece that feels like it could belong in a gallery (or in Alice’s Wonderland, or Gatsby’s mansion)? Click here to view my Haute Couture Cakes and find out more about this exclusive service.

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