Seasonal Wedding Cakes

The chances are that you are planning your big day during your favourite time of the year; however, you may not have considered planning a seasonal wedding. By pairing your wedding arrangements with the natural beauty of the season, you will be able to take advantage of widely available seasonal produce and character, which you can incorporate into many different aspects of the wedding cake design and styling of your special day. Planning a seasonal wedding cake will also enable you to promote an eco-friendly approach to your wedding day.  

When thinking about seasonality, your brain might leap straight to the flowers. While seasonal blooms are an important consideration, there are also a lot of ways that you can incorporate your chosen season into your wedding cake. In this blog, I will be exploring five key elements that go into making a seasonal wedding cake. Through subtle approaches and tiny details, your wedding cake can embrace and celebrate any season.

How to Incorporate Your Season into any Wedding Cake Design

1. Design Elements

Whether you are going for a modern, boho, rustic, or classic vibe, a few simple tweaks in your wedding cake design allows the seasons to be interchangeable.  Hand-painted designs of lush peonies and roses can make a perfect summer statement, while a change to orange/red-coloured leaves and a forest landscape could work for that autumnal feel.  If you’re a lover of textures, white bas-relief gives an ethereal and wintery feel that is a little bit unusual.  These are just a few examples that can provide the nod to your season. There are many ways that your cake designer can get seasonally creative with techniques, textures and design tricks.

2. Colour Magic

Using tones and shades of your chosen colour palette is a great way to introduce seasonal variance. Being mindful of light and shade to keep things fresher in spring or warmer in winter. By applying subtle changes you can take your favourite colour and add a seasonal touch, while still complementing your overall theme.   

Here are a few of my favourite wedding cake colour combinations for each of the seasons.

3. Alternative Florals 

When tying in your overall look and feel, why not consider adding either sugar or dried flowers, berries, and foliage to complement your wedding cake design? Working with your chosen colour palette, I can easily change the look, feel, and mood of your wedding cake without being hampered by not having your favourite bloom or foliage while celebrating the season. 

4. Seasonal Cake Flavours 

Planning a seasonal wedding cake is a perfect opportunity to celebrate British produce. A core Christina May ethos is to champion local producers. All my wedding cakes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients. My signature flavours and fillings are inspired by the seasons in terms of the fruit flavours, jams, and other flavour elements that I create and combine. 

Rest assured, going down the seasonal route doesn’t mean you will be limited in terms of your flavour choices – your favourites will always be my priority. Think of my seasonal selection of gorgeous flavour combinations as a guide, and a guaranteed perfect match for the time of year you are getting married. Some favourite combinations in the past have been sweet and tangy rhubarb and custard for spring, light and fresh raspberries, and prosecco in summer, or spiced cinnamon and richly decadent whisky in the depths of winter. Delicious!

5. Cake Table Styling

Not to be forgotten, your wedding cake table gives you the perfect opportunity to seamlessly connect your wedding cake to the rest of the room no matter the season. Don’t leave it languishing alone in a corner – really bring it in as a key part of your décor. The use of seasonal florals, lights, or other adornments alongside your gorgeous cake is a great way to convey your vibe and season.

If you are ready to embrace the love of seasonal wedding cake design, get in touch. Let me know your wedding date so I can start to help you both plan a beautiful cake that zings with fresh seasonal flavour and style.

Love Susan x

Further Seasonal Colour Inspiration: