Making a wedding cake is like alchemy to me. In the same way that the sweeping curves of a grand staircase will give me Goosebumps – the way that shapes and spindles have been carved and coaxed out of rough-hewn blocks of wood – it’s the total transformation of a humble collection of ingredients into something artistic, statuesque and delicious that is my kind of magic! 

Creating something that looks and tastes incredible, and that will serve as a centrepiece worthy of your wedding day takes equal parts imagination and precision. I’ve found it to be a balance that serves me well – it’s a process that indulges my passion while appealing to my inner perfectionist!

The Christina May Journey

The Christina May story starts in a garden centre almost a decade ago, when my daughter Bethany handed me a book with a Harry Potter novelty cake in it and asked me to have a go at it for her birthday.

Suffice to say, pictures of that cake will never see the light of day, but in shaping and decorating that first sponge, something in my brain ignited. I had dabbled in various pursuits over the years: embroidery, painting, photography, but it was cake making that felt like finding my creative home.

I’ve been blessed with a family that’s as formidable as it is fabulous. My husband, two daughters, my dad and my lovely mum Christina (for whom my business is named) are the most incredible team of cheerleaders, muses and enthusiastic tasters. They saw immediately that designing cakes lit me up inside, and have been pillars of support as my business has grown.

Telling Stories with Sugar I have spent years honing my craft, attending workshops and mastering new techniques, (a class on making realistic sugar flowers felt a little bit like falling in love!). I’m constantly designing wedding cakes in my head, thinking of new colour combinations, finding playful ways with pulled sugar, delicate fondant petals or shards of caramel. It’s almost impossible for me to switch off (inspiration is everywhere), but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It’s a privilege and a huge pleasure to be able to be a part of a wedding celebration, and getting to know each of my couples in order to tell their stories through sugarwork is one of my favourite parts of the job!

So, get in touch for a chat, tell me about your love, and let me design a piece of edible art that’s the perfect fit for your wedding day.